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Okinawa Japanese Grillhouse & Sushi Bar is a Japanese style family restaurant located in Jacksonville, Florida. Not only that, but we are also the very best Japanese hibachi restaurant in town! We believe in providing a comforting and relaxed environment so everyone can come out and enjoy their meal! Since 2004, we have been serving the very best sushi in Jacksonville, Florida at our sushi bar.

Okinawa features great lunch specials and an excellent dinner environment including hibachi tables with talented chefs, a sushi bar, and a lounge area. Anything on our menu can be prepared specific to any requests! So try something new, or just tweak a favorite, and you can create something new to enjoy at Okinawa – the #1 family restaurant and the very best Japanese hibachi restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida!

A Delicious Dinner Experience

Hibachi Dining
Cooked right before your eyes with fresh and tasty ingredients, hibachi dinners are the perfect solution for family gatherings.
Sushi Bar
Meet us at the sushi bar for a variety of all your favorite special sushi rolls. All of our sushi is made in house with fresh ingredients.
Chef Entertainment
Not only do our chefs know how to cook delectable meals, but they also serve tricks that are sure to impress every time!
Premium Cocktails
Our enticing cocktails pair perfectly with your Japanese meal. Our fully stocked bar serves all the classics and more.

Experience the Best Hibachi Dinner in Town

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